Sustainable Fashion


Barts is a Brand from the Netherlands but this knitted beanie was made in China. It is very typical of companies to manufacture in countries like China because it is cheaper because labour costs are much lower. Workers conditions are controversial with children usually being the ones working in the sweat shops and their wages would probably be lower. Its made of 70% Acrylic and 30% Wool.The lining is 100% polyester. This particular hat is hand knitted which is more time consuming for workers but would definitely use less oil than heavy machinery.

wool. land has been cleared, trees have been cut down to graze sheep. Leads to reduced biodiversity and soil erosion. Insecticides administered to sheep can lead to water pollution. The wool that has been sheared from countries such as New Zealand would have to shipped to the factories for dyeing and manufacturing which would use a lot of crude oil. This oil would come from the middle east. Oil is a non-sustainable product. It leads to Co2 emissions when burnt that adds to global warming. Oil spills pollute the sea killing birds and fish.

Polyester and Acrylic are oil based products and use a fair amount of chemicals to make which can be bad for the environment if the waste is not disposed of correctly. Polyester in particular produces emissions which can cause environmental damage however it is recyclable The dyeing process of all three of these materials uses many of chemicals that are extremely toxic to aquatic life and is usually dumped back into the sea. Packaging also uses oil as they are probably put into plastic bags to protect them from getting damaged in transit. They are then shipped to western countries where they will be sold using even more oil.

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