Design Detail – Timberland Boot


I have chosen the timberland boot because it has recently become a popular fashion trend. I didn’t realise The brand had ever been on the catwalk but in 2009 Timberland teamed up with Richard Chai for New York fashion week. They fitted perfectly with his tailored classics inspired by uniforms.

Timberland started 40 years ago in south Boston making the 1st waterproof leather boot with thick rubber soles for workers to wear in all weathers. It was meant to be functional not fashionable. The yellow boot then became an icon all across Europe. Italy in the 1980s was the epicentre with the Paninaro subculture wearing the yellow boots to create the all american style. In Asia the boots were seen as a symbol of individuality and independence.

More recently artists have been using it to express personal style by customising it. Scratching into the leather, using markers, painting it etc. The Boroughs Project was a competition within the five boroughs of New York to create 5 new styles to represent these areas. On the Timberland online store you can personalise your own boots.

Celebrities are big fans of these boots which promote their brand, from Pharrell Williams to Little Mix. Timberland boots are now a fashion statement which they were not intended for. They are no longer a durable boot worn by workers in all weathers. No longer associated with male working class. They are over 100 pounds so only the middle and upper classes can afford them. They are now in feminine styles not just mens.

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