Mulberry – Marketing



This image is from the Mulberry store in St Christopher’s place in London just off Oxford Street. Mulberry is an exclusive brand picking the greatest locations. They need to be surrounded by other high end stores so it attracts the right clientele. You can also buy online on their very sophisticated website. Designer stores value themselves on their customer experience because 1 sale can bring in a lot of profit so trying to get customers to buy rather than just try is vital. They are friendly and helpful. The store itself is warm colours, not too loud but some background music. The layout is very simple with no clutter and hardly anything on show. Definitely no racks. Everything is visible.

The Window itself displays some of the key items in that seasons collection along with some decorations that match the theme. And in this instance its the christmas nutcracker toy soldiers with the berry red bags. The Bags are classic timeless high end fashion. Mulberry has an iconic logo which most people are familiar with. It is all about the brand with the mulberry tree on a oval metal clasp. Every bag has it. The packaging is nearly as beautiful as the bags with ribbons and nice grey boxes. You are also paying for the packaging. The bags themselves are made from high quality leather and are very well made. The USP of mulberry is the fact that its high quality, quintessentially english, modern yet timeless.

The price of mulberry bags can range from £300 to £4500 ostrich leather totes. This brand is extremely exclusive with only middle class being able to afford it. There is no discount or vouchers however there are designer outlets which sell previous seasons collections up to 60% off. Bicester Village is one of those. Mulberry is also too presitigious for store cards or value points

Advertising can be crucially important for sales. Mulberry is one of those brands that doesnt rely on advertising. There are no television ads only paper prints. They are only in high end magazines like vogue, elle, marie claire and sometimes cosmopolitan. You would never see it advertised in a cheaper magazine like closer. Not the right target market. There are no offers or gifts available. Too exclusive for handouts.

The target customer for Mulberry is 20s-50s, working, upper class, fashionable, chic women and i think their shop window reflects that.

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