Semiotics – Nina Ricci


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Nina Ricci is a brand that symbolises french elegance in fairytale like way. All the campaigns are very fresh and bright with pink being the main colour. The brand is very feminine and beautiful enticing the modern woman.

The people that buy items form Nina Ricci most likely are young women who are more demure and sweet. Most fragrance brands attract  women who want to feel sexy with dark colours but this is the complete opposite.

The advert has a magical quality with the french music and the apple tree. It kind of represents a nicer adam and eve story mixed with snow white. The model looks at the tree and the perfume bottle in awe and amazement. She is mesmerised. She is wearing a gown that denotes princesses.

The advert revolves around an apple surrounded by many other beautiful looking apples. but that one apple on the tree is the only one you want. The apple symbolises hope, love, lust, (whatever you are looking for). The apple probably also represents the smell of the fragrance. A fresh fruity smell.

The brand message is communicated well as it ties in with other adverts by the same company. They are all a fantasy in a pink girly haze. Every girl wants to be enchanted and perhaps wearing Nina by Nina Ricci can help you.




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