Contemporary debates in Fashion

Thats Pants! Hungary students on naked protest at miniskirt ban

So what is this article about? Hungarian students at Kaposvar University revolt at a conservative dress code where trousers or long skirts must be worn, no heavy makeup, noflip flops or unkepmt fingernails/ hair.

This story has issues involved such as feminism. Why should these women not wear what they choose to wear? Is their individuality and sense of style being taken away from them? Human rights is also an issue as in hotter months temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees or more. Should students be refrained from showing some skin to cool down for teachers to feel more comfortable? Perhaps not.

However there our other points of view on the matter. Male teachers may feel uncomfortable with young women wearing minimal clothing. They have to always be professional and maybe students should be as well.

Will this protest change anything? There are plans for another where students will wear flip-flops and beach towels.



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